John Roberts Associates is an Equal Opportunities employer. Selection processes, terms of employment, training opportunities and career development will be administered equally between potential and existing employees, regardless of sex, age, marital status, disability, race. colour, religion, ethnic or national origin and creed.

Equal Opportunities for all staff

We will treat all our employees with dignity and respect and will provide a working environment free from unlawful discrimination, harassment or victimisation.

We expect each individual employee to promote the spirit of our Equal Opportunities Policy and each employee has a duty, both morally and legally not to discriminate against other employees.

Whenever capital is invested in new or refurbished premises/facilities, every practical effort will be made to provide for the needs of the staff, customers and customers with special needs.

We will provide services to our customers without and form of unlawful discrimination.

We will monitor and review appropriate employment practices to help to avoid direct or indirect discrimination.

We will not tolerate acts which breach or allegedly breach this policy and all instances of such behaviour will be fully investigated and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Any employee who has a complaint with regard to discrimination, harassment or victimisation should initially report the alleged offence to their immediate Line Manager, or if this is not appropriate, then
an initial approach to a more senior manager should be made. If after this discussion the employee wishes to take the mater further, there are guidelines in the grievance procedures which cover the process
of making an official complaint.

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