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Organic / Ethical Clothing

Here at John Roberts Associates, we are looking at ways to take action on climate change, as well as addressing ethical and Fairtrade issues.

So what does this involve?

There are more and more companies now producing organic and low carbon footprint products. Because of this we can now offer these products as a viable alternative to ‘everyday’ garments.

– 100% Organic Cotton

We can offer a range of clothing and even accessories such as shopping bags that are made of 100% organic cotton, certified by The Control Union and The Soil Association.
Organic cotton usage also results in low impact farming;

– Low Impact Farming

By its very nature, organic farming eliminates the use of petroleum and chemical based fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Some companies also employ hand-harvesting which greatly reduces reliance on fossil fuels.

– Ethical Manufacturing

We are continually reviewing our suppliers manufacturing ethics, and making sure they meet our ethical policy. We will only use suppliers whose products are made as ethically as possible, some are licensed by the FLO – Fairtrade Labelling Organisation.