Inflatable Banger Sticks

These are inflatable sticks which when banged together make a noise like thunder!!!

Ideal for all promotional and sports events.

Safe for children as the sticks are not blown up under pressure – if they are punctured they simply deflate (no small pieces for children to swallow).

Can be printed up to 4 colours on a white or coloured base material.

Each side can be different – your name on one side and a sponsor on the other.

An ideal way to promote sponsors and generate extra revenue.

Also available:

  • Wristbands
  • Inflatable & Foam Hands
  • Rain Ponchos
  • Fan scrolls
  • Glow Banger Sticks

We have a range of plain coloured Banger-Sticks in stock for immediate delivery!

Please call 01253 340240 for details!

Ink Colours: Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Maroon, Teal, Yellow, Purple, Violet, Orange, Emerald Green, Red, Brown, Black.

Base Stick PMS Match: for a special PMS colour to cover the whole of stick the colour would be printed on a white base with a bleed to the edge add £45 for the PMS match to total order and 0.05p per pair of sticks. This eliminates white stripes.

For printing up to 8 spot colours on one side or 4 colour process on two side’s prices on application. Please contact us for samples and further details.

Cheering Sticks

Maximum imprint area: 20" x 3.75"